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Kayla L. Bieser1*, Joyce Stamm2*, Ayala A. Aldo1, Suneil Bhaskara2, Makayla Clairborne2, Joselyn N. Coronel Gómez2, Ron Dean1, Aaron Dowell2, Evan Dowell2, Mathew Eissa1, Ahmad A. Fawaz3, Michael M. Fouad-Meshriky3, Dustin Godoy1, Krista Gonzalez1, Malak K. Hachem3, Malak F. Hammoud3, Anthony Huffman3, Hunter Ingram2, Alex B. Jackman3, Bibek Karki2, Natalia Khalil3, Houda Khalil3, Tran Khanh Ha1, Arjun Kharel2, Izabell Kobylarz1, Hunter Lomprey1, Adam Lonnberg1, Safa Mahbuba3, Hend Massarani3, Madeline Minster1, Krystina Molina1, Lynette Molitor1, Taylor Murray1, Payal M. Patel3, Sydney Pechulis1, Architha Raja1, Gladys Rastegari1, Skylar Reeves2, Niveda Sabu1, Rafael Salazar1, Devan Schulert3, Matthew D. Senopole3, Kristen Sportiello3, Claudia Torres1, Jade Villalobos1, Joseph Wu3, Stacy Zeigler1, and Jacob D. Kagey3§

1Department of Physical and Life Sciences, Nevada State College

2Department of Biology, University of Evansville

3Biology Department, University of Detroit Mercy

§Correspondence to: Jacob D. Kagey (kageyja@udmercy.edu)

* Authors have equal contribution

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