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The C. elegans CEPsh glia are largely dispensable for stress-induced sleepWS278WBPaper00059734C. elegans
Tracking of centriole inheritance in C. elegansWS278WBPaper00059660C. elegans
Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program: the farnesoid X receptor agonist obeticholic acid does not robustly extend lifespan in nematodesWS278WBPaper00059661C. elegans
Role of GLD-3 in suppression of the germline stem cell fate.WBPaper00059676C. elegans
Vennter – An interactive analysis tool for WormBase interaction data using Venn diagramsWS278WBPaper00059665C. elegans
The C-terminus of SPE-11 is required for proper embryonic development in C. elegansWS278WBPaper00059655C. elegans
A partial T-DNA insertion near KNAT1 results in lobed Arabidopsis thaliana leavesArabidopsis
Kavain suppresses human Aβ-induced paralysis in C. elegansWS278WBPaper00059656C. elegans
Disruption of the mutator complex triggers a low penetrance larval arrest phenotypeWS278WBPaper00059651C. elegans
Two alleles of unc-52 locus disrupting potential cell-binding motif of UNC-52WS278WBPaper00059631C. elegans
Analysis of extracellular matrix composition in the visceral muscles of Nidogen mutant larvae in DrosophilaDrosophila
fs(1)A13041 is a 5′ UTR deletion of the essential gene small ovary in DrosophilaDrosophila
Difference in phenotypic severity of presumed null alleles of capg-1WS278WBPaper00059616C. elegans
Triple and quadruple mutation of RGD motif using CRISPR-Cas9 in him-4 locus of Caenorhabditis elegansWS278WBPaper00059626C. elegans
Glucose concentration does not affect degradation of a protein that aberrantly engages the endoplasmic reticulum transloconS. cerevisiae
Regulation of sleep by KIN-29 is not developmentalWBPaper00059622C. elegans
The fasn-1(g14ts) allele is a Gly1830Arg missense mutation in C. elegans FASN-1278WBPaper00059615C. elegans
Starvation memory resulting in reproductive plasticity is conserved in some Caenorhabditis elegans wild isolatesWS278WBPaper00059614C. elegans
The mir-35-42 binding site in the nhl-2 3’UTR is dispensable for development and fecundityWS278WBPaper00059542C. elegans
Corrigendum: Drosophila Plc21C is involved in calcium wave propagation during egg activationDrosophila
Endoplasmic reticulum stress-regulated degradation of a translocon-associated protein is independent of integrated stress response transcription factor Gcn4pS. cerevisiae
Loss of proteasome subunit RPN-12 causes an increased mean lifespan at a higher temperature in C. elegansWS278WBPaper00059515C. elegans
Corrigendum: Interspecific comparison of sensitivity to paralytic compoundsC. elegans
Two Deletion Alleles in the C. elegans mir-49 gene.WS278WBPaper00059517C. elegans
Two new CRISPR-generated alleles in the C. elegans mir-1022 gene.WS278WBPaper00059486C. elegans
Drosophila Plc21C is involved in calcium wave propagation during egg activationDrosophila
A missense mutation separates distinct functions of the Zic-family transcription factor REF-2WS277WBPaper00059400C. elegans
The plant terpenoid carvone is a chemotaxis repellent for C. elegansWS277WBPaper00059397C. elegans
Loss of fuss in Drosophila melanogaster results in decreased locomotor activity due to an increased number of pausesDrosophila
Oncogenic Ras cooperates with knockdown of the tumor suppressor Lkb1 by RNAi to override organ size limits in Drosophila wing tissueDrosophila
Erratum: Loss of eif-2alpha phosphorylation on S49 (mammalian S51) associated with the integrated stress response hastens development in C. elegans​WS277WBPaper00059485C. elegans
A single amino acid change in the EGL-46 transcription factor causes defects in BAG neuron specificationWS277WBPaper00059324C. elegans
PCR-based screening of small plasmid insertsUniversal
Crossing two sperm chromatin-localized mCherry transgenes into a single C. elegans strain boosts signal intensity without harming sperm functionWS277WBPaper00059171C. elegans
OP50, a bacterial strain conventionally used as food for laboratory maintenance of C. elegans, is a biofilm formation defective mutantWS277WBPaper00059306C. elegans
A simple PCR-based method to follow and genotype alleles with single nucleotide changesWS277WBPaper00059305C. elegans
Calx, a sodium/calcium exchanger, may affect lifespan in Drosophila melanogasterDrosophila
Auxin-independent depletion of degron-tagged proteins by TIR1WS276WBPaper00059060C. elegans
ImageJ/Fiji ROI 1-click tools for rapid manual image annotations and measurementsUniversal
Two novel alleles in C. elegans mir-1822 gene.WS276WBPaper00059058C. elegans
The daf-2 insulin receptor functions in C. elegans embryo elongationWS276WBPaper00059059C. elegans
A panel of fluorophore-tagged daf-16 allelesWS276WBPaper00059039C. elegans
tmem-258 is dispensable for both nuclear anchorage and migration in C. elegansWS276WBPaper00059011C. elegans
Chemical mutagenesis of Caenorhabditis elegans uncovers genetic modifiers of huntingtin protein aggregationWS276WBPaper00058989C. elegans
Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program: the creatine analog β-guanidinopropionic acid does not extend lifespan in nematodesWS276WBPaper00058993C. elegans
Temperature-sensitive mosquito TRP channel rescues touch deficits caused by knock-out of a DEG/ENaC channel in C. elegans gliaWS276WBPaper00059013C. elegans
C. elegans rab-18 mutants display reduced lipid content under fed and fasted conditionsWS276WBPaper00058991C. elegans
Corrigendum: Nibbling 405 kb off the X: Viable deletion alleles eliminating 50 protein coding genes, including a chromatin factor involved in neuronal developmentC. elegans
Endogenous expression of UNC-59/Septin in C. elegansWS276WBPaper00058988C. elegans
Visualization of binding patterns for five Leucine-rich repeat proteins in the Drosophila embryoDrosophila
Interspecific comparison of sensitivity to paralytic compoundsWS276WBPaper00058964C. elegans
The root hair defective phenotype of Arabidopsis thaliana Pol IV subunit mutant nrpd1a-3 is associated with a deletion in RHD6Arabidopsis
Modified auxin improves the auxin-inducible degradation (AID) system for laid C. elegans embryosWS276WBPaper00058911C. elegans
Loss of dpy-2 and dpy-9 has stage-specific effects on DBL-1 pathway signalingWS276WBPaper00058872C. elegans
TOM1 confers resistance to the aminoglycoside hygromycin B in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeS. cerevisiae
Erratum: Establishment of a CRISPR/Cas9-based strategy for inducible protein dimerization
Erratum: Rapamycin-induced protein dimerization as a tool for C. elegans research​
Wearable microPostersWS276WBPaper00059170C. elegans
Caenorhabditis elegans daf-7 mutants exhibit burrowing behaviorWS275WBPaper00058743C. elegans
Unlike Drosophila elav, the C. elegans elav orthologue exc-7 is not panneuronally expressedWS275WBPaper00058767C. elegans
Corrigendum: 10.17912/micropub.biology.000131WS275WBPaper00058792C. elegans
Nibbling 405 kb off the X: Viable deletion alleles eliminating 50 protein coding genes, including a chromatin factor involved in neuronal developmentWS275WBPaper00058742C. elegans
Caenorhabditis elegans strain sensitivity to sodium arsenite exposure is varied based on age and outcome measuredWS275WBPaper00058699C. elegans
The histone acetyltransferase GCN5 and the transcriptional coactivator ADA2b affect trichome initiation in Arabidopsis thalianaArabidopsis
Expression of the DELLA repressor GAI and its regulators SPY and SEC are impacted by disruption of chromatin modifiersArabidopsis
Disruption of the histone acetyltransferase GCN5 and the transcriptional coactivator ADA2b affect trichome density in Arabidopsis thalianaArabidopsis
Effects of ASD-associated daf-18/PTEN missense variants on C. elegans dauer developmentWS275WBPaper00058674C. elegans
New deletion alleles for Caenorhabditis elegans Hedgehog pathway-related genes wrt-6 and wrt-10WS275WBPaper00058696C. elegans
Genome editing of Caenorhabditis briggsae using CRISPR/Cas9 co-conversion marker dpy-10WS275WBPaper00058661C. elegans
ICD-1/BTF3 antagonizes SKN-1-mediated endoderm specification in Caenorhabditis elegansWS275WBPaper00058664C. elegans
Protease cleavage at an engineered tetra-basic motif in Drosophila PTTH accelerates developmental timingDrosophila
Using HDR and a template to introduce an in-frame HA tag on the 3′ end of the Xenopus laevis gata2.L open reading frameXenopus
Temperature-dependent mitochondrial-nuclear epistasisWS274WBPaper00058592C. elegans
Identification of four Drosophila Toll-related proteins as ligands for the PTP69D receptor tyrosine phosphataseDrosophila
Double mutants of TTLL glutamylase genes have little to no difference in viability or brood sizeWS274WBPaper00057157C. elegans
An antibody staining protocol variation for nematodes that adds heat-induced antigen retrieval (HIAR)WS274WBPaper00057228C. elegans
Increased expression of pgph-1, T23F2.4, and cyp-14A5 in C. elegans dpy-7 mutants and by high saltWS274WBPaper00057200C. elegans
Low density lipoprotein receptors LRP-1 and LRP-2 in C. elegansWS274WBPaper00057231C. elegans
Tools for Mos1-mediated single copy insertion (mosSCI) with excisable unc-119(+) or NeoR (G418) selection cassettesWS274WBPaper00057130C. elegans
The role of lrp-2 in C. elegans vulval cell lineage polarityWS274WBPaper00057232C. elegans
LRP-2 likely acts downstream of EGL-20/WntWS274WBPaper00057230C. elegans
LRP-2 controls the localization of C. elegans SYS-1/beta-cateninWS274WBPaper00057229C. elegans
The GLR-1 phenotypes of the daf-7(e1372) allele are not temperature sensitiveWS274WBPaper00057227C. elegans
Retracted: Mutations in KCNQ potassium channels cause pharyngeal pumping defects in C. elegansWS274WBPaper00058591
Erratum: aptf-1 mutants are primarily defective in head movement quiescence during C. elegans sleepWS274WBPaper00058590
Erratum: Endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoyl glycerol increases the transcription of daf-7 in ASI neuronsWS274WBPaper00058589
C. elegans LRP-2 functions in vulval precursor cell polarityWS274WBPaper00057191C. elegans
aptf-1 mutants are primarily defective in head movement quiescence during C. elegans sleepWS274WBPaper00057148C. elegans
Phase-separated protein dynamics are affected by fluorescent tag choiceWS274WBPaper00057192C. elegans
LOC496300 is expressed in the endoderm of developing Xenopus laevis embryosXenopus
Vibrio vulnificus iron transport mutant has normal pathogenicity in C. elegansWS274WBPaper00057129C. elegans
Generation of sas-6::ha by CRISPR/Cas9 editingWS274WBPaper00057082C. elegans
Corrigendum: Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program: the tyrosine kinase inhibitor imatinib mesylate does not extend lifespan in nematodes. microPublication Biology July 3, 2019. 10.17912/micropub.biology.000131WS274WBPaper00058791C. elegans
EOR-1 and EOR-2 act independently of RAS and WNT signaling pathways in RMED/V neuron specificationWS274WBPaper00057074C. elegans
EOR-1 and EOR-2 function in RMED/V neuron specificationWS274WBPaper00057073C. elegans
New mutants defective in RMED/V neuron specification are alleles of EOR-1 and EOR-2WS274WBPaper00057072C. elegans
Resolving a contradiction: full gene deletion of kqt-3 by CRISPR does not lead to pharyngeal pumping defectsWS274WBPaper00057077C. elegans
Isolation of intragenic suppressor of tsp-15-splicing mutant in Caenorhabditis elegansWS274WBPaper00057061C. elegans
Evolution of hermaphroditism decreases efficacy of Ascaroside#8-mediated mate attraction in Caenorhabditis nematodesWS273WBPaper00057023C. elegans
Role of the p38 MAP kinase pathway in C. elegans surface antigen switchingWS273WBPaper00057025C. elegans
A C. elegans MAP kinase pathway is required for wild-type display of an L1-specific surface antigen (srf-6 is nsy-1 III)WS273WBPaper00056945C. elegans
C. elegans srf-6 and nsy-1 mutations result in a similar 2AWCON phenotype and do not complement (srf-6 is nsy-1 II)WS273WBPaper00056944C. elegans
Three C. elegans srf-6 mutants carry nsy-1 mutations (srf-6 is nsy-1 I)WS273WBPaper00056943C. elegans
Caenorhabditis Intervention Testing Program: the tyrosine kinase inhibitor imatinib mesylate does not extend lifespan in nematodesWS273WBPaper00057026C. elegans
The autophagy gene product BEC-1 supports normal aging and neurodevelopment in Caenorhabditis elegans: IntegrationWS273WBPaper00056795C. elegans
The autophagy gene product BEC-1 supports normal aging and neurodevelopment in Caenorhabditis elegans IIIWS273WBPaper00056794C. elegans
The autophagy gene product BEC-1 supports normal aging and neurodevelopment in Caenorhabditis elegans IIWS273WBPaper00056793C. elegans
The autophagy gene product BEC-1 supports normal aging and neurodevelopment in Caenorhabditis elegans IWS273WBPaper00056792C. elegans
UNC-42 function is required for the ectopic expression of ASH markers in mls-2 mutant animalsWS273WBPaper00056862C. elegans
Worm corpses affect quantification of dauer recoveryWS273WBPaper00056844C. elegans
Genetic mapping of shnE.3.2 in Drosophila melanogasterDrosophila
The protein kinase G orthologs, EGL-4 and PKG-2, mediate serotonin-induced paralysis of C. elegansWS273WBPaper00056790C. elegans
Overexpression of hindsight in sensory organ precursors is associated with a transformation of campaniform sensilla to microchaetae in the Drosophila wingDrosophila
unc-42 regulates the expression of ASH terminal fate markersWS273WBPaper00056744C. elegans
Genetic mapping of EgfrL.3.1 in Drosophila melanogasterDrosophila
UNC-108/RAB-2 is required for C. elegans stress-induced sleepWS272WBPaper00056648C. elegans
me101 is a new allele of rad-51WS272WBPaper00056625C. elegans
me98 is a new allele of rad-54WS272WBPaper00056624C. elegans
New alleles of the lin-22/Hairy bHLH transcription factorWS272WBPaper00056582C. elegans
Visualization of endogenous NID-1 and EMB-9 in C. elegansWS272WBPaper00056581C. elegans
Caenorhabditis elegans egg-laying and brood-size changes upon exposure to Serratia marcescens and Staphylococcus epidermidis are independent of DBL-1 signalingWS272WBPaper00056577C. elegans
TRiP stocks contain a previously uncharacterized loss-of-function sevenless alleleDrosophila
The HSN egg-laying command neurons are required for normal defecation frequency in Caenorhabditis elegans (II)WS272WBPaper00056479C. elegans
The HSN egg-laying command neurons regulate the defecation motor program in Caenorhabditis elegans: IntegrationWS272WBPaper00056480C. elegans
Ca2+ activity in the HSN egg-laying command neurons and animal age is accompanied by a delay in the defecation motor program in Caenorhabditis elegans (I)WS272WBPaper00056478C. elegans
An isoform-specific allele of the sax-7 locusWS272WBPaper00056440C. elegans
sto-3 is expressed in R4BL/R and R8BL/R, male-specific ray neurons in C. elegansWS272WBPaper00056324C. elegans
DVC interneuron cGAL driver in Caenorhabditis elegansWS272WBPaper00056703C. elegans
Inducible expression of F48C1.9 encoding a nematode specific secreted peptide in the adult epidermis upon Drechmeria fungal infectionWS271WBPaper00056156C. elegans
Spatiotemporal control of genome recombination through combined FLP-Frt and GAL4-UAS technologiesWS271WBPaper00056077C. elegans
Some effects of a chrysin bromide-derivative on GABA-A receptors and on Caenorhabditis elegansWS271WBPaper00056078C. elegans
New allele of C. elegans gene pign-1, named as xyz11WS271WBPaper00056057C. elegans
A new anterior pharyngeal region specific fluorescent co-transformation markerWS271WBPaper00056042C. elegans
A CRISPR/Cas9-generated cdc-7 loss of function mutation does not cause temperature-dependent fertility defectsWS270WBPaper00055989C. elegans
The mapping of Drosophila melanogaster mutant A.4.4Drosophila
A C. elegans model for the rare human channelopathy, Timothy syndrome type 1WS270WBPaper00055919C. elegans
FKH-6 is expressed in male gonadal cells during L3 larval developmentWS270WBPaper00055988C. elegans
The Effect of an Environmentally Relevant Phthalate Mixture on Primordial Germ Cells of Xenopus laevis EmbryosXenopus
Simplified detection of a point mutation in C. elegans using tetra-primer ARMS-PCRWS270WBPaper00055876C. elegans
2018 Update on Protein-Protein Interaction Data in WormBaseWS270WBPaper00055803C. elegans
Drosophila balancer reengineering using polycistronic gRNA for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editingDrosophila
Endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoyl glycerol increases the transcription of daf-7 in ASI neuronsWS270WBPaper00055693C. elegans
Expression pattern of endogenous PAR-4A & C after CRISPR/Cas9-mediated genome editingWS270WBPaper00055992C. elegans
A new deletion allele of sma-4WS269WBPaper00055993C. elegans
A novel null allele of C. elegans gene ceh-14WS269WBPaper00055440C. elegans
wrt-2 expression oscillates during larval developmentWS269C. elegans
Nuclear localization of a C. elegans CCCH-type zinc finger protein encoded by T26A8.4WS269C. elegans
Delta-9 fatty acid desaturase mutants display increased body sizeWS269WBPaper00055256C. elegans
GABA Receptor mutant gbb-1 accelerates morphological aging of GABA neurons in Caenorhabditis elegansWS269C. elegans
GFPnovo2, a brighter GFP variant for in vivo labeling in C. elegansWS268C. elegans
oxi-1 and fshr-1 are required for neuromuscular signaling under normal and oxidative stress conditions in C. elegansWS268C. elegans
Application of the red-shifted channel rhodopsin Chrimson for the Caenorhabditis elegans cGAL bipartite systemWS268C. elegans
Immobilization of nematodes for live imaging using an agarose pad produced with a Vinyl RecordWS268C. elegans
The bodies of dpy-10(e128) are twice as stiff as wild typeWS268C. elegans
Dominant-negative VPS-4 disrupts ODR-10::GFP distribution but has limited effects on chemotaxisWS268C. elegans
SapTrap vectors for introducing point mutations with unc-119+ selectionWS268C. elegans
SapTrap Builder: a desktop utility for CRISPR edit designWS268C. elegans
Immunofluorescence reveals neuron-specific promoter activity in non-neuronal cellsWS268C. elegans
EOR-1 mediates non-cell autonomous regulation of abts-1 gene expression in HSNs​WS268C. elegans
Chemotaxis based enrichment for transgenic animals containing the rol-6 markerWS267C. elegans
Silencing the ASI gustatory neuron pair extends lifespanWS267C. elegans
GFP::PCN-1 does not reliably mark S phase in C. elegans adult germline progenitor zone cellsWS267C. elegans
Silencing the ASI gustatory neuron pair increases expression of the stress-resistance gene sod-3 in a daf-16 and daf-3 independent mannerWS267C. elegans
Characterizing Dynein’s Role in P-cell Nuclear Migration using an Auxin-Induced Degradation SystemWS266C. elegans
New allele of C. elegans gene spch-3 (T27A3.4), called xc2WS266C. elegans
SapTrap assembly of repair templates for Cas9-triggered homologous recombination with a self-excising cassetteWS266C. elegans
Establishment of a CRISPR/Cas9-based strategy for inducible protein dimerizationWS266C. elegans
Two new functions in the WormBase Enrichment SuiteWS266C. elegans
Rapamycin-induced protein dimerization as a tool for C. elegans research​WS266C. elegans
Efficient FLP-mediated germ-line recombination in C. elegans WS265C. elegans
New alleles of C. elegans gene cls-2 (R107.6), called xc3, xc4, and xc5WS264C. elegans
daf-2 modulates regeneration of mechanosensory neurons IIWS264WBPaper00053570C. elegans
daf-2 modulates regeneration of mechanosensory neurons IWS264WBPaper00053569C. elegans
Extending the CRISPR toolbox for C. elegans: Cpf1 as an alternative gene editing system for AT-rich sequencesWS264C. elegans
daf-2 regeneration of mechanosensory neurons: integrationWS264WBPaper00053571C. elegans
Loss of eif-2alpha phosphorylation on S49 (mammalian S51) associated with the integrated stress response hastens development in C. elegans​WS264WBPaper00053567C. elegans
A new mutation with a polycystin phenotypic spectrum in Caenorhabditis elegansWormBaseC. elegans
Screening for C. elegans male copulation-defective mutants by the mating plug phenotypeWS263C. elegans
Copulation defective mutants of C. elegansWS263C. elegans
xbp-1 mRNA splicing is attenuated under prolonged exposure to ER stressWS263C. elegans
Novel deletion alleles of a C. elegans gene Y73E7A.1, named as tm6429 and tm6475WS263C. elegans
Novel deletion alleles of a C. elegans gene Y48E1C.1, named as tm5468, tm5625 and tm5626WS263C. elegans
Novel deletion alleles of a C. elegans gene C38D4.9, named as tm4476 and tm4561WS263C. elegans
sy680 is a novel allele of pkd-2WS263C. elegans
A quantitative trait locus for nictation behavior on chromosome VWS263C. elegans
Localization of tbg-1 mRNAs and GFP::TBG-1 protein in Early C. elegans Embryos​WS262C. elegans
SPAS-1 expression in neurons and vulva during L4 stage​WS262C. elegans
acdh-1 transcripts are expressed in the intestineWS262C. elegans
swt-3 transcripts are expressed in Z1/Z4 during embryogenesis and in the adult spermathecaWS262C. elegans
Mapping results for a set of cGAL effectors and driversWS262C. elegans
Precision deletion of the entire coding sequence of the mod-5 locus causes increase in pharyngeal pumping frequencyWS261C. elegans
nu444 is a novel allele of pkc-1 in C. elegansWS261C. elegans
Asymmetric distribution of cyb-3 in 4-cell stage embryosWS260C. elegans
Reduced pharyngeal pumping rates observed in tph-1 mutants using microfluidic electropharyngeogram (EPG) recordingsWS259WBPaper00050740C. elegans
Basal pharyngeal pumping elevated in C. elegans mod-5 mutantsWS259C. elegans
Mutations in KCNQ potassium channels cause pharyngeal pumping defects in C. elegansWS258WBPaper00050613C. elegans
Trehalose extends healthspan in C. elegansWS258C. elegans
Microfluidic EPG recordings show striking pharyngeal pumping phenotype in a C. elegans Alzheimer’s disease modelWS257C. elegans
ina-1 expression in the somatic gonad during late larval developmentWS250C. elegans